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On 25th July, Mr Nguyen Trung Tin – CEO of Trung Thuy Group has a talk about start-up with young people from all over the country. The program was co-hosted by the US Consulate General of HCMC at Dreamplex 2 – the working model visited by US President Barack Obama back in 2016. 

Even if there’s only one reason left, continue to dream

Invited as a successful young entrepreneur, honored by the prestigious Forbes Vietnam Magazine as an outstanding individual under 30 years old.

“When you start, there will be times when you’re not as successful as you wanted, also times when everyone around give you a thousand reasons to just give up. But if you could find only one reason to go on, go for it and stick with your choice”.

Mr Nguyen Trung Tin has share countless valuable advices for youngsters

Dreamplex - The Co-working Space model established by Mr Nguyen Trung Tin is also the working place of over 700 young workers and start-ups. He said this isn’t only a professional working space to implement your ideas, but also an ideal place for Startups to meet up and look for potential partnership. Mr Tin himself has found promising investments opportunities with startup ideas formed right here.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin is currently operating Trung Thuy Group in the direction of "Holding", investing in 4 main areas: services, high technology agriculture, real-estate and start-up investmen. In particular, real estate is considered the main focus since 2017. The Lancaster Lincoln project (District 4) is one of their strategic projects, marking the return of TTG in the market and also one of the the first project with Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin as the CEO of TTG Holding. The project is warmly welcomed by many clients, partly confirming the potential of this aspiring young leader.

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