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TTG Holding has officially launched 20 final Loft apartments at Lancaster Lincoln District 4. Nearly scarce in the market, this model Loft apartment is expected to attract visitors in the last months of the year.

Apartment "N+"

Loft apartment model are also popular in advanced countries around the world. The  newly introduced Loft Lancaster Lincoln apartment ranges from 2 to 3  bedrooms with a ceiling height of up to 4sqm, ensuring the addition of lofts for the living space.

Unlike Duplex apartments or some other types of apartments with additional  function rooms, each floor is added to the sales price, the Lancaster Lincoln's Loft apartment is completely free of transaction costs. While according to the calculations of the architects, each Loft apartment can increase about 25% of the living space of the living space, so it is called 2+ or 3+ apartments. Apartment buyers may enjoy using this area as a small bedroom, working room or children's room; Perfect for young families, multi-generational families and investors.

Căn hộ Loft thỏa sức tùy biến tại Lancaster Lincoln

Comfortable Loft apartment in Lancaster Lincoln

"My children is preparing to level 3, after they has finished primary school so the two children began to need private space suitable for the age to facilitate activities, learning. If you buy a 3 bedroom apartment, you need a huge amount of money, but later if you go to school is not often in the fees. Knowing the Loft apartment, my wife and I are very happy because the two roads are under financial pressure. Now  every child has his own room, if later changed, it can be used as a  warehouse or office for the husband is all, "said Ms. Ngoc Quyen (District 4) when visiting the showflat Lancaster Lincoln.

Pay only 30% until you receive the apartment, do not need bank loans

Not only Quyen's family but many young families now have high demand for housing while not rich in finance. To solve the difficult problem for customers, TTG Holding also issued a policy of payment only 30% until the apartment. Accordingly, customers will not need to pay any additional costs, and also no need to use bank loans to be applied this policy. This  solution not only gives customers peace of mind to approach future  projects but also helps investors to earn higher profits with less  money.

Lancaster Lincoln với lối kiến trúc Tân cổ điển đậm chất Mỹ

Lancaster Lincoln with American-style neoclassical architecture

TTG  Holding's aggressive offering of such flexible payment method also  proves the financial potential of this investor when it can confidently  implement the project without having to rely on resources mobilized from  customers. With  the reputation of TTG Holding, Lancaster Lincoln has many factors to  expect to bring attractive to the market at the end of the year.

Managed by Lancaster Management

Lancaster Lincoln is also managed and operated by the Lancaster Management brand  of more than 10 years of experience founded by the owner himself. The  founders of the project involved in the operation of the apartment for  10 years brought a completely different quality, insight into every  detail of the building, meeting the needs of the client and ensuring maintain quality as well as increase the value of rental investment. Some  investors have learned and recorded rental rates in buildings managed  directly by Lancaster Management value added over time. Accordingly, in Lancaster Hanoi, the contract signed to lease apartments 45m2  through the investor can reach 35 - 56 million per month. Lancaster Le Thanh Ton (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) also have the same price,  even this apartment is still reaching the transfer price from $ 4,000 - $  5,000 / month even though handed over 10 years.

Lancaster Lincoln sở hữu 360 độ view sông và view toàn cảnh thành phố

Lancaster Lincoln has 360-degree river views and panoramic views of the city

Not  to mention Lancaster Licoln is located at the center of the potential  infrastructure of District 4 on the main road Nguyen Tat Thanh. Up to  now, real estate along the Saigon River flows through the city center,  stretching from Binh Thanh District, through District 1 to District 4 is almost filled by high-end apartment projects. Except for Bach Dang wharf being planned as a central wharf, public service and waterway tourism, the port area.

After relocation, Khanh Hoi will become one of the last riverside riverbank in the central area. Upcoming, this will be the service, urban and high-grade tourism of Ho Chi Minh City.

As such, Lancaster Lincoln is perfectly capable of making a profit when commissioned by Lancaster Management.

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